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     Member Benefits

Any African woman who registered with Women In Oil will receive a competitive and contemporary benefits, packaged for the individual development.  These benefits will complement one’s lifestyle and needs.  They include:

-       Free Training and certificate:

Women in Oil offers free training programs in various fields within the oil industry to its members.  Training includes many priceless certifications in oil and gas industry.  Member who is interested is trained ad certified. This training is basically free.

-       Contract Lobby and Award:

Women in Oil is fast building the strongest and  most powerful lobby group in Nigeria oil industry sector and the leverage of this unique and highly influential brand will be enjoyed by its members, in receiving contracts from countless numbers of multi-national entities within the industry.  Interested members are given opportunity to contract in specific areas in the company.

-       Equity in Corporate Profits:

Members in Women in Oil receive quarterly share of the entire profits of the entity as done in cooperatives.  Women in Oil profit estimates per quarter run in the hundreds of millions of naira and this is shared among its members every quarter.  Every registered member is automatically a stake holder.  This implies that members hold part of the company. Once there’s profit, members have equal share.

-       Labour Hire / Wages:

Women in oil members receive notifications of hires for part time or even long term contract work within WIO projects and even that of other firms.  Due diligence is made to ensure that organizations within the oil industry are aware of the many trained women available within the WIO group and these members are hence matched with job openings and at competitive compensation rates.

-       Supply Sub-contracts:

Women in Oil members receive notifications and assistance for supply sub-contracts from WIO projects as well as that of other firms.

-       Widowhood Protection:

Women in Oil members receive special financial support in case of loss of the husband as well as monthly income support to keep the family strengthened.

-       Unsecured Business Capital:

Women with bright and profitable business ideas within the Women in Oil membership can receive access to unsecured business capital to fulfill their entrepreneur ambitions.  Members are entitled to loans without collateral, thus no fear of property being forfeited if the loan is not repaid.

-       Car and Housing Loans:

Women in Oil offers car and housing loans through its affiliate company to long term members.
-       High Cost Medical Coverage:

Certain medical costs can be quite expensive and daunting even for the well to do.  Life and death decisions are painful when they hinge only on the ability to provide the money necessary.  Women in Oil members receive full medical coverage for expensive and life threatening medical conditions.

-       Sense of Fraternal Belonging:

Man is a social animal and there is nothing more reassuring than feeling part of a group of people that care about your well being.  Women in oil  encourages a strong sense of fraternal support and fellowship among its members to encourage, motivate, help, inspire and be there for one another in times of need and joy. It’s all about meeting people, making friends which is one of the keys to success.

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